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Zweite „C.A.R. – contemporary art ruhr“ für dieses Jahr
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Die „C.A.R. – contemporary art ruhr“ findet jedes Jahr zweimal auf Zollverein statt: Einmal im Sommer mit dem Schwerpunkt Medienkunst + Fotografie (ich berichtete 2012 schon darüber) und einmal im Herbst als innovative Kunstmesse für alle Sparten. Im Juni dieses Jahres war ich mit Sven bei der Sommerausgabe und es gab wieder reichlich Kunst zu entdecken. Da nun vom 24. bis 26. Oktober 2014 die Herbstmesse vor der Tür steht, ist dies genau der richtige Zeitpunkt, um mit einem kleinen Rückblick auf die Sommerausgabe, die Lust auf einen Besuch zu wecken. Da Sven unseren Besuch im Juni schon so wunderbar zusammengefasst hat, folgt nun mit seiner Erlaubnis sein Blogeintrag vom 01.06.2014:

2014-06-01 contemporary art ruhr: (new media) and cosmic stars

contemporary art ruhr opens again, this time at the brutally beautiful sanaa building, which you might remember from the recent sichtwerk showings in the last years. photography and (new) media are the core disciplines for the three days lasting art fair.
you might know that my view on it remains sceptical, but i´m always willing to be convinced. to come up with the punchline first: the absolute star at the opening night was the setting sun sending its red light in horizotnal rays into the sanaa building (after a week of grey skies).
the fair itself presents galleries, artists and students dealing with these modern production methods. there is a lot to discover, different levels in quality of course, some great ways to use technology leading to great artworks some less interesting stuff. once again it is proven, as modern technology terminates the ductus, the conceptual approach is even more important and tells a great from an odd piece.
i´d like to show some highlights, i apologise for not being able to tell every artists´name (the c.a.r. site is not helpful at all), if you want me to add a certain name, feel free to drop me a line.

Sanaa-Gebäude, Zollverein the sanaa building in summer eve light welcoming visitors.

Sound-Installation by Dina Boswank
a great sound installation making noises of someone walking on the way you actually walk on, then you realize that you are synchronizing with the rhythm… this is a work by dina boswank. (thanks a lot for mailing and handing in the credits!)

Installation by Valentina Boneva

valentina boneva from romania shows a visitor triggered audiovisual piece somewhere between alpine voodoo and digital exorcism, a great piece soaking you in. a great mixture between video, drawing, generative imagery and sound design.

MILZ (simon deeg and andreas picker) installed a piece that truly hits the core of today´s celebrity cult: a van driven apparatus reproducing marilyn monroe´s signiture over and over gain. hi-tech for all, appearing simple and genius at the same time, ironic and threatening.

featuring artists from south korea has a long tradition for the c.a.r., and these artists always set a high level. yang-ho kim and yoon kyung oh show photographs ink-jet printed on korean paper making these pictures look like drawings, seducing and always with a second look, blurrying the mediums.

lukas langguth shows another funny masterpiece. reminding of thomas struth´s museum photographs he shows the visitors more active while taking selfies of mona lisa and themselves. well, to make a selfie with his work seems only consequent! ‚#meandmona‘

a different way to deal with media art and a shifting perception: audrius mickevicius uses a video tape in a quite unusual way. (thanks again to dina boswank for telling the artist.)

a happy surprise, our friends from das gespinst present their graphic illustrations. the collective will release their magazin #4 on june 13. watch out

at least some more impressions from the opening, myself lost between the impressions, the sunset outside and inside, and michaela in valentina boneva´s video installation.
we hope, you enjoy!

Wer nun Lust hat, der C.A.R. einen Besuch abzustatten, der findet alles Weitere unter

C.A.R. – contemporary art ruhr
Eröffnung: Freitag, 24.10.2014, 20 Uhr
Samstag: 12–20 Uhr
Sonntag: 11–19 Uhr
Eintritt: 12 €
Welterbe Zollverein, Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181, 45309 Essen


Text: Michaela Best, Sven Piayda
Fotos: Sven Piayda