Gastbeitrag: sleeping dogs … in bruges

Heute gibt es einen Gastbeitrag von Sven. Wie im letzten Post schon berichtet, waren wir vor einigen Wochen in Brügge, das uns als Stadt ja nur „so lala“ gefallen hat. Aber dann war da noch diese Sache mit dem Hund …

as you migth have already read, we had the chance to visit brugge (or bruges) some weeks ago, but we were not too enthusiastic about it. everybody tells that it is so great and beautiful, for us it appeared a little bit too crowded and not striking beautiful.
a lot of people said they wanted to go there because of the movie „in bruges“ (german title: „brügge sehen … und sterben?“) by martin mcdonagh. the movie is about two professional killers sent to bruges to wait for further instructions. here colin farrell portrays a character who is not very happy about being in this city, while his partner is fascinated of the medieval art and architecture. as they are boating through the reie, the movie comes up with some snapshot scenes to give some impressions of the city. and then we saw this funny pic of a dog in a window as pictured above.
wait a minute, i know this dog!

as i was going through the photographs taken in bruges i found the dog again, drowsy in the window. he must probably spend a lot of time there, back in 2008 when the film was shot and five years later when we saw him. maybe you can learn from that.
hollywood superstars are everywhere, so watch out!

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